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We provide total auto AC Repair in Gig Harbor for partially working and non-working systems. There are three primary components that make up an automobile AC system. These include the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Before working on your system, we perform complete diagnostics. This ensures our ASE certified technicians only make necessary repairs. Don’t pay for more than you need. Choose Total Performance Inc. when your auto AC needs repairs.

We perform thorough AC diagnostics to get at the root of the problem.

Summers are projected to get increasingly warmer. Call us now for targeted AC repairs and stay cool year round.


Have you encountered the symptoms of a failing AC system?

  • Has your vehicle’s cabin temperature increased? Even with the AC on?
  • Do your AC settings seem off? Are you not getting enough cold air?
  • Does your AC produce a grinding noise when you turn it on?
  • Is your AC system making your vents frost up?
  • Your AC compressor won’t turn on or is running non-stop.

Get Auto Air Conditioning Diagnostics Now!

We perform complete AC diagnostics before any repair work starts. Our mechanics work with you during this step. Your experiences can help us determine the problem and narrow down the list of suspects even faster. Our experienced mechanics will evaluate and repair an AC system on any truck or car, foreign or domestic. Just some of the AC service we perform include:

  • AC electrical testing.
  • Compression testing for worn and leaking hoses.
  • Recharging of auto refrigerant.
  • Condenser fan testing.

  • Cleaning and replacement of air cabin filter.
  • Inspection and replacement of evaporator core.
  • Locked up/frozen compressor replacement.
  • Check relays, fuses switches, solenoid and more.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Gig Harbor

Don’t let a misdiagnose cost you.

Without a complete system diagnosis any DIY repairs can seriously damage your system. Our AC repair services mean you don’t have to worry about a misdiagnosis. Once our technicians have identified your issue we go over our findings in full with you.

Choose ASE Certified Repairs

Our technicians only use the highest quality replacement parts. We price our services competitively to make them affordable to everyone. Stop driving a mobile oven. You should have a cool drive, and you will once we’re finished repairs.

Contact us for air conditioner repairs today!

Our scheduling and speedy service frequently allow for same-day auto repairs. Don’t suffer in a hot car. Bring your vehicle in for an AC diagnostic. Call or contact us for scheduling today and get the service your vehicle deserves.