Auto AC Repair Lakewood WA

Auto AC Repair

We provide complete auto AC repair in Lakewood WA for non-functioning and partially functioning systems. There are three main components that make up your automobiles AC system. These include the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Our ASE certified technicians perform targeted diagnostics in order to quickly identify the problem. This allows us to only repair what is necessary to get your air conditioning back online and keeping you cool. Get the best performance. Choose Total Performance Inc. for your automobile’s air conditioning repair needs.

Are you experiencing the symptoms of a failing AC system?


  • Is the temperature in your vehicle’s cabin higher than usual with the AC on?
  • Does it feel like your AC unit isn’t blowing air cold enough for the setting?
  • Do you hear loud grinding noises when the AC is turned on?
  • Are your vents frosting up when you turn your AC on?
  • Is your AC compressor running non-stop or won’t’ turn on at all?

Get auto air conditioning diagnostics now!

Before we even consider repairs, we’ll perform thorough AC system diagnostics. Our mechanics want to hear from you. When your problem occurred and what symptoms you’ve been experienced can help us narrow down the suspects faster. Our experienced mechanics can evaluate the AC system of any car or truck, domestic or foreign. Just some of the air conditioning services we provide include:

  • AC electrical testing.
  • Compression testing for worn and leaking hoses.
  • Recharging of auto refrigerant.
  • Condenser fan testing.

  • Cleaning and replacement of air cabin filter.
  • Inspection and replacement of evaporator core.
  • Locked up/frozen compressor replacement.
  • Check relays, fuses switches, solenoid and more.

Auto Air Conditioning Repairs Lakewood
Without diagnosing your air conditioning system, you may damage it further by performing the wrong repair procedures. Choosing our AC repair service means you never have to worry about misdiagnosing the problem and increasing the cost of repairs. Once we’ve identified your auto air conditioning problem, we’ll cover our completed findings with you.

Moving forward with AC repairs is entirely up to you, but Lakewood weather won’t wait while you decide what to do. We use the highest quality replacement parts, and our services are competitively priced. There’s no reason to turn your car into an oven making even short drives uncomfortable and exhausting.

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Our schedules frequently allow for same-day auto AC repairs. Don’t suffer any longer.
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