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Auto AC Repair


Many drivers don’t even realize how much they miss AC until it’s gone. With summer projected to get increasingly warmer, it just makes sense to get the auto AC repair Tacoma drivers depend on. Whether you’ve got a car or truck with a partially working or non-working AC system, we’ll diagnose and repair it. At Total Performance Inc. we also specialize in trailer trucks, so no matter how far you have to travel, there’s no reason to do it without AC.

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Before we begin repair work, we perform complete diagnostics on your AC system. Taking the time to listen to you about when it stopped working, and any symptoms you’ve noticed allow us to get right to the heart of the problem. We’ve got the experience to evaluate any system and make the appropriate repairs. Just some of the auto air conditioning services we provide include:

  • Electrical testing for air conditioners.
  • Compression testing for leaks and worn hoses.
  • Auto refrigerant recharging.
  • Testing of the condenser fan.

  • Replacement and cleaning of cabin air filter.
  • Inspection and replacement of evaporator core.
  • Frozen/Locked up compressor replacement.
  • Check fuses, relays, switches, solenoid and more.

Without a correct diagnosis an AC system can be further damaged by performing the wrong repair procedures. With our experienced mechanics you never have to worry about a misdiagnosis. Once we identify the problem in full we’ll go over the results with you. Moving forward with repairs is up to you, but you should know we use the highest quality replacement parts and provide efficient and affordable auto AC repair in Tacoma.

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