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Auto Electrical Repair Services Near You

At Total Performance Inc., we know that a properly functioning vehicle depends on a working electrical system. And often if one system fails, the rest do, too. For example, your car battery delivers power to the starter. As most of us have experienced, either first or second hand, a dead battery means a dead car.

As computers become increasingly prevalent in modern vehicles, there is greater potential for electrical harnesses or motors to stop working. Furthermore, these electrical motors and valves are replacing more traditional mechanisms such as cranks and knobs.

If you suspect an electrical issue, we are here to help. A professional opinion is sometimes all you need to move forward. Our team is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and software to diagnose and solve your vehicle’s electrical problems.

Electrical system diagnosis and repair services for your vehicle

Though we offer a laundry list of automotive services, we are a popular destination for Tacoma drivers who need electrical auto repair services. Our shop’s central location makes it easy to stop by for a free diagnosis.

Just need a battery jump? If you can manage to get your vehicle to us, we will happily give you a charge…free of charge! 

Your Car’s Electrical System

Things get more complex if the battery seems to be working, but maybe a wire has been damaged. The wires that connect the battery to the starter motor are critical because they, in turn, transmit power to the alternator. Without one of these interconnected components in full operation, your car may have trouble running. The four main parts of your car’s electrical system are:

The Battery – This transmits electricity to the engine. Your car will not start unless the battery has enough of a charge. We recommend replacing the battery every four years or so.

The Alternator – The alternator is what takes over once the engine is running. It generates power and keeps the battery charged.

The Starter – Electricity is converted into the mechanical energy that starts the engine. The starter is what cranks the engine when you turn the key in the ignition.

Wiring – Large wires between the battery, alternator, and starter transmit a massive amount of amperes while cranking. When they become damaged, it can cause a short in the system.

Fuses, wiring, and starters, oh my!

Our ASE Certified Master Technicians stay updated on the latest in auto manufacturer electrical systems. Starting with an electrical diagnosis, we service and repair the following:

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If you are having any issues with your car, truck, or van’s electrical components, give us a call or bring it down to the shop. Have questions or concerns? Just ask! We believe that keeping our customers informed is an integral part of any repair service.