Auto Service Center Tacoma WA

What does an auto service center near you provide?

All vehicle servicing centers are not created equally. Many focus on one aspect of your vehicle. A center for tires, a center for brakes, a shop that only does oil changes—they might seem like a good call, but what are you really getting? These single-area shops typically train technicians in one thing, and one thing only. They cannot identify other issues, and if you need additional work at the same time? Good luck. At Total Performance Inc. we do it all. Foreign, domestic, manual and automatic transmissions, maintenance and repairs; our auto service center in Tacoma is your true one-stop vehicle shop.

Does your auto repair shop use ASE certified technicians? Ours does.

Our technicians are certified. This provides the training and high standards necessary to provide complete vehicle servicing.

What vehicle services can you expect?

Fix problems fast with ASE certified vehicle repairs.

We offer extensive repair services for nearly every make and model. It all starts with a thorough diagnosis. We don’t make unnecessary repairs, and we never start work before we know exactly what’s wrong.

Improve your ride with performance tune-ups.

We frequently work with the local racing community. When you want performance tuning, we do it right. Your vehicle is capable of so much more. It just takes the right parts and installation. We only use the best so you can expect it.


Catch problems early with scheduled maintenance.

Our regular maintenance programs include a 40 point inspection. We catch issues in their infancy and help you avoid costly repairs. Prevent problems before they start. We also provide manufacturer recommended maintenance checks.

Your local emission and maintenance center.

We’re with you at every step. Emissions checks can be a chore. If your vehicle doesn’t pass you want to make sure you get the right repairs. We perform emission testing and provide immediate on-site repairs when you need them. This removes the worry and makes it easy to ensure your vehicle is up-to-date.

We offer all standard maintenance procedures for your vehicle.

Make us your Auto Service Center in Tacoma!

There’s no reason to visit 5 different auto shops. When you find a shop you trust, you want to visit them again. We make it easy for our customers. By offering superior and complete service there’s only one visit they need to make. We get to know you, your vehicle, and as always, every repair is backed by a 2-year or 24,000 mile warranty. We’re the only stop you need to make. Call or contact us today or stop in any time!