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Auto Service For Your Vehicle.


When it’s time for auto service, you want to know your mechanic can handle it. As the trusted auto service provider for Tacoma’s local racing scene, Total Performance Inc. knows what it means to keep a vehicle in peak condition. We regularly work on cars designed for performance, where microseconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat. We apply the same precision and dedication to every car and truck we service. For quality auto service, Tacoma trusts us for total performance.

Get the comprehensive auto service you deserve.

Not every vehicle is created equal. That’s why our ASE Certified technicians know how to correctly diagnose and service cars, trucks, diesel and gasoline engines, and more. Our maintenance auto service in Tacoma is carried out by a technician performing a 40 point inspection. We’ll check the hardest working areas of your vehicle, and investigate any specific concerns. Some of the in-depth auto services we provide include:

  • Engine diagnostic and repair
  • Fuel system diagnostic and repair
  • Electrical system diagnosis and repair
  • Heater and AC diagnosis and repair

  • Transmission and clutch servicing
  • General and manufacturer maintenance services
  • Cooling system servicing and repair
  • Brake system diagnostics and repairs

No matter what your make or manufacturer, we provide the high-quality auto service that Tacoma drivers are looking for. Since 1989 we’ve been providing the kind of results-driven service that’s made us the go-to garage for local law enforcement, fleet companies, and generations of families. Where dependability and honest work matter most, we’re your vehicle service provider.

Why Regular Maintenance Matters.

Urban areas can be stressful, especially when it comes to driving. And what marks a city more prominently than its constant flow of traffic? Cars keep our lives moving at a pace proportional to a city’s ever-changing demands, and few things in life are more frustrating than being immobile while the world whips around us. It’s important to keep on top of basic car maintenance to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. These are problems that can spill over to missed appointments, school and work tardiness, and canceled trips. Stay up to speed and on schedule with regular auto service.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your car to have it serviced by a certified mechanic. Just as we need regular checkups at the doctor to help keep us in top form, our cars need regular service to ensure no problems are developing, and that they continue to perform at their peak.

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When you need reliable auto service you can trust with affordable pricing, the choice is clear. From daily commuters to finely tuned performance vehicles, total performance begins here. Call (253) 471-8905 or contact us for auto service in Tacoma.