BMW Repair Tacoma WA

Have you considered a local alternative to BMW service centers?

If you own a BMW you know how much repairs can cost. What you might not realize is that your BMW dealership and repair shop isn’t your only option. You have choices. It’s actually written into law. So when you need BMW repair in Tacoma, what are you getting at a brand-name center? Factory parts, authorized repairs, and typically almost double the cost for that BMW branding. You aren’t just paying for repairs—you’re paying for a logo. Pay less. Get ASE certified BMW repairs using OEM or OEM grade parts from Total Performance Inc.

Nobody likes throwing money away, but that is what you are doing every time you visit a BMW dealer service center.

Pay less for the same high-quality repairs. Our repairs are performed by ASE certified technicians. Not only that, we take the time to know you and your car.

BMW auto repair starts with a thorough diagnosis.

Targeted repairs begin with diagnostics. We use the same diagnostic tools and procedures the dealership does. That means our technicians will pinpoint the problem and make sure that you get the best-recommended service. If a repair is more affordable and will last, we won’t advise replacement. If a part is damaged beyond repair or a repair is just a short-term band-aid, we will advise replacement.

The best BMW repair in Tacoma for all your vehicle problems!

Some BMW problems crop up over and over again. That’s why every repair is guaranteed for 2 years or 24,000 miles! Common BMW issues we frequently encounter include:

  • Broken or non-functioning BMW door lock cylinders in the BMW e46.
  • Malfunctioning or bad BMW ABS modules in all models.
  • Broken BMW e39 headlight adjusters.
  • Non-working BMW e36 sunroofs and x3 sunroofs.
  • Damaged door lock actuators and window regulators.

We provide complete BMW service and repairs for all models.

No matter where your issue lies, we can repair it. We offer warrantied repairs in just some of the following areas.

Contact us for warrantied BMW repair today.

We use OEM and OEM certified replacement parts that keep your warranty intact.

A car with a BMW emblem on the front doesn’t require a shop with the same. We provide you with the same lasting performance and strict tolerances you’ll get at a dealership. Why pay a brand-name upcharge when you don’t have to? Get ASE certified BMW repair in Tacoma. Call or contact us today.