Brake Repair Gig Harbor

Don’t Wait On Brake Repair

Brakes protect you and your passengers. Worn brakes aren’t just an annoyance, they can be life threatening. You want to stay safe, and you never want to risk your brake performance. The best way to stay in control is with professional brake repair in Gig Harbor. Don’t take any chances. Visit Total Performance Inc. for complete brake servicing on your car or truck.

The operating temperature of your vehicle's braking components averages more than 662 degrees.

Brakes wear over time. This is due to friction and extreme heat. Don’t let worn brakes compromise your safety! Stop in today to restore your stopping power.

What should you expect from your brakes?

Road conditions are always changing. Your vehicle needs to be able to adapt and react. Properly functioning brakes quickly engage, allow for controlled braking, and provide you with stopping power. Brake wear compromises all of these. Some problems like fluid loss, totally worn pads, or air in the brake lines can even take your brakes out entirely. Look for signs that indicate brake trouble and get them repaired immediately.

Brake Problem Symptoms


  • Strange noises – Squealing and grinding may mean you need your brakes replaced.
  • Pulling – Vehicle pulling when braking can indicate wear, fluid leaks, and more.
  • Vibrations – Warped rotors can cause pedal, wheel, and full car vibrations.
  • Brake warning light – ABS or brake lights may mean critical pad wear or low fluid.
  • Pedal problems – Hard to press or spongy brakes may mean air in your brake lines.

Get Complete Brake Services

Drivers in Gig Harbor depend on us to stay safe on the road. We’re trusted to provide an accurate diagnosis and fast repair work. We only use high-grade replacement parts and take your safety very seriously. That’s why we’re trusted by the local racing community and law enforcement alike. Our ASE certified mechanics cover all of your brake servicing needs including:

Contact us today and stay safe.

Your safety is critical, and the quality of your brake services don’t just affect yourself. Your passengers and other drivers on the road rely on your vehicle to brake when you need it to most. We provide the diagnostics and repairs that make sure that happens. Don’t wait if you encounter signs of brake component failure. Stop in today or call or contact us to schedule an appointment.