Brake Repair Lakewood WA

Brake Repair

Brakes are your first line of defense against accidents. Making sure your braking system is in peak condition is the best way to stay safe. When you need brake repair in Lakewood WA, don’t take any chances. Visit Total Performance Inc. for comprehensive services for your car or truck.

Road conditions can change in an instant, especially during the rainy winter and spring months. When your brakes are functioning correctly they engage quickly, provide controlled braking, and deliver the stopping power you expect. Brake wear can compromise all of these. Certain problems like air in the lines, fluid loss, or completely worn pads can eliminate your ability to brake at all. Look for signs of brake trouble and address them early.

Brake Problem Signs

  • Strange Noises – Grinding and squealing can indicate the need for brake adjustments or replacements.
  • Pulling – Fluid leaks, worn brakes, and maladjusted brakes can all cause your car to pull when braking.
  • Vibrations – Vibrations during braking in the car, pedal, or wheel, may be caused by warped rotors.
  • Brake Warning Light – An ABS or brake light can indicate low fluid or critical pad wear.
  • Pedal Problems – Spongy or difficult to press brake may be due to air in the brake lines.

Comprehensive Brake Services

Lakewood drivers trust our shop with their safety no matter what they drive. We deliver an accurate diagnosis, quick repair work, and only use high-quality replacement parts. Your safety is our greatest concern. Our ASE certified mechanics perform a wide range of brake services which include:

For complete brake system diagnostics and repairs from dedicated local ASE certified mechanics, call or contact us today.