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Don’t Panic. We Diagnose Your Check Engine Light.

Your check engine light just illuminated. That creeping sense of dread when you don’t know what’s wrong? We specialize in making it disappear. A check engine light illuminates when your on-board computer senses a problem. All of the sensors in your vehicle are always checking in with the ECM (Engine Control Module). The ECM makes sure your vehicle systems are functioning correctly, but even these aren’t full proof. Don’t panic. Just come into Total Performance Inc. for diagnosis of your check engine light at our Gig Harbor location.

Don't stress! We can diagnose and verify your check engine light today!

A check engine light can indicate major to minor problems. Don’t wait to find out what’s wrong.

What is your check engine light indicating?

Many manufacturers use different connection ports for code readers. We’ve got the necessary readers and adapters to diagnose any vehicle light. We’ll scan your on-board system and identify the problem on the spot. Just some of the dozens of issues a code may indicate include:

  • Your oxygen sensor is faulty.
  • A catalytic converter is failing.
  • Spark plugs are worn.
  • Ignition coils are faulty.
  • Your fuel cap is loose.

  • The thermostat regulator is malfunctioning.
  • Mass air flow sensor is bad.
  • EVAP valve purge control valve is malfunctioning.
  • Your brake pads need replacing.
  • A vehicle fluid is critically low.

We Verify Your Check Engine Light

It’s not enough to have your ECM codes read. These aren’t always indicative of a problem. Occasionally the code reader may require a reset and you won’t even need repairs. That’s where verification comes in. Our ASE certified mechanics in Gig Harbor verify your check engine light codes.

We take the time to check the indicated area, inspect the problem, and let you know what all of your options are. It may be as simple as a loose gas cap or you may need swift repairs before additional areas of your vehicle are affected. Our shop runs on honest diagnosis, and you’ll know everything we do so you can make an informed decision.

Get professional on-site vehicle repairs.

If a problem is urgent you don’t want to be out of a vehicle. Don’t take it to another garage. We can perform any necessary repairs to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road. Our mechanics use high-grade parts to┬árepair trucks, cars, SUV’s, semi-trucks, and more. We’re your one stop engine light solution.

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Don’t wait until your engine light becomes an engine emergency. We provide full diagnostics and repairs. Call or contact us to schedule your diagnostic or just stop in today!