Check Engine Light Lakewood WA

Check Engine Light

You don’t want to take any risks if you get an illuminated check engine light. These first started appearing in vehicles in the early eighties once engine controls became computerized. They may be your very first indication there is a problem with your vehicle. If you don’t investigate the reason for the light it can lead to major trouble. Modern check engine lights may indicate a wide range of issues. When you’ve got a check engine light, our Lakewood, WA facility can perform a complete diagnosis and on the spot repairs. Don’t wait until it’s too late, come to Total Performance Inc. today.

Get a check engine light diagnosis today!

A check engine light is a tool. It allows your vehicle to notify you when something is wrong. We’ve gained customers for life after just one visit because we provide more. Check your engine light the easy way with TPI Auto. We provide:

  • Fast code reading – Different manufacturers use different connection ports. No matter what ECM your vehicle has, we’ve got the necessary adapters and code readers to check your engine light. Our technicians will scan your vehicle’s onboard computer system, capture the code, and identify the results.
  • Expert diagnosis – A check engine light is just a tool. You want a master mechanic to confirm the diagnosis by inspecting the area. We have the knowledge to perform thorough verifications. These systems are not full proof. A verification from a skilled mechanic saves you from fixing problems when you don’t have to.
  • Professional repairs – In the event of an illuminated engine light, putting off repairs may not be an option. Some error codes can be urgent. We provide on-site vehicle repairs. Our mechanics use the highest grade replacement parts on cars, trucks, semi-trucks, SUV’s, and more. Whether you’ve got an automatic or a manual transmission, diesel or gasoline engine, we can repair your check engine light related problem.

For exceptional service and an accurate diagnosis of your check engine dash light, call or contact us today.