Diesel Repair Gig Harbor

Do you need local certified diesel engine repair?

Diesel engines aren’t the same as those that run on gasoline. Diesel combusts at a higher temperature. That means engines have to be designed differently. Instead of spark plugs for ignition, a diesel engine uses compression. Not just any mechanic can work on a diesel engine. You want a garage that knows diesel repair in Gig Harbor At Total Performance Inc. we specialize in diesel engine repair, maintenance, and servicing. We even regularly repair large truck engines like Cummins.

Diesel engines typically last much longer than gasoline engines.

That’s only true if you stay on top of repairs. Don’t let engine problems stall your vehicle and leave you cold. Call us now to get repairs and get moving.

Commonly encountered diesel engine problems.

Are you encountering any of the following issues? Bring your vehicle in for diagnostics.

  • Your vehicle will not start.
  • The engine runs rough at low RPM’s.
  • It seems like your vehicle is losing power.
  • Your engine is difficult to start.

  • A knocking sound is coming from the engine.
  • Exhaust smoke is black in color.
  • Your vehicle exhaust is white in color.
  • Blue smoke is coming from the exhaust.

Our diesel engine technicians fix your engine the right way.

A backyard mechanic may seem like a cost-effective solution until something goes wrong. Our shop performs thorough diagnostics using state of the art technology before we start work. We don’t just follow educated guesses and start work. We identify the problem, verify the problem, and repair it. Our mechanics are so confident in their diesel car and truck repairs, we back the work we do .

With proper maintenance diesel engines regularly last upwards of 500,000 miles.

Just some of the repairs we regularly perform include:

  • Glow plug replacement.
  • Diesel injector replacement.
  • Fuel injector cleaning or replacement.
  • Diesel fuel pump replacement.

  • Changing of oxidized oil.
  • Fuel filter replacement.
  • Fuel system flushing.
  • Compression tests and repairs.

Contact us for diesel repair in Gig Harbor.

Our mechanics are always ready to help. If your diesel vehicle has been sitting idle for an extended period of time, bring it in! This is one of the leading causes of oil and fuel contamination that can lead to greater issues. The sooner you come in, the better.

An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of repairs. Get leading diesel maintenance and repair services backed by the area’s leading repair shop. We restore total performance to your vehicle. Call or contact us today.