Timing Belt Replacement Tacoma WA

Why should you replace your timing belt?

In order to know why it needs replacing, you have to know what a timing belt does. A timing belt or cam belt synchronizes the camshaft and crankshaft so that engine valves open and close when they should. In certain engines when a timing belt breaks it can cause a car to stall. In the majority of engines? A broken timing belt sends pistons hurtling up through closed valves and can destroy an engine. How should you prevent it? Get a timing belt replacement in Tacoma from the experts at Total Performance Inc.

If your timing belt breaks it can severely damage or completely ruin your engine.

Call us now to find out if your vehicle needs its timing belt replaced per manufacturer recommendations. If you drive more than average, it can wear out prematurely. Don’t risk your engine!

Can I tell if my timing belt needs changing?

We can inspect your belt for you. A timing belt typically shows wear and fractures over time. This isn’t always the case, though. Even if a timing belt looks like it is in good shape, if you are nearing or past your recommended replacement time, you should replace your belt. A timing belt is much cheaper to replace than an engine.

Should I replace my tensioner and water pump too?

The short answer is yes. One of the primary reasons this is done is because it only takes a little more work. The timing belt, tensioner, and water pump are all next to one another. Removing the belt is the easiest time to change out these other parts without any major increase in labor costs. Most water pumps typically last about 10,000 more miles than a belt in the same vehicle. You’ll save more replacing them together.

When is a timing belt replacement necessary?

There are three instances when it is necessary to change your timing belt.

  1. If your belt is damaged. Belt damage may include wear or shearing off of timing belt teeth, cracks, pitting, edge wear, and oil contamination.
  2. Your mechanic recommends it. If you take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic and they recommend a replacement? It’s time.

    This is good to check after you buy a used car. The seller may misremember, misinform, or have no idea when the belt was last changed.

  3. The manufacturer’s guide recommends a timing belt replacement. Following the guide keeps your warranty intact and typically plays it a little safe.

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We work on all foreign and domestic vehicles. This includes diesel and standard engines. If you have a timing belt, we can replace it quickly and affordably. Our ASE certified technicians reduce labor time while maintaining the highest quality. Best of all? We warranty our work. Don’t wait until your belt snaps. Call or contact us today.