Transmission Repair Tacoma WA

Transmission Repair Near You.

Transmission problems never come at a good time, but choosing Total Performance Inc. when you have trouble is always a good idea. When it comes to transmission repair, Tacoma drivers look for a shop they can trust. Law enforcement and local fleet companies depend on reliable vehicles and need the highest level of care and craftsmanship. They rely on our ASE certified mechanics for their transmission services. From diagnosis to repair work and every step in between, we’re your source for local mechanics that keep the city running.

Automatic or Manual Transmission Problems? We Service Both.

We provide comprehensive transmission repairs whether you drive an automatic or manual. Each requires a slightly different approach and may encounter unique problems. Age, driving, and maintenance habits can also determine what transmission problems occur. Some of the most common problems we provide transmission repair for include:

  • Poor response – Gears won’t or hesitate to engage
  • Strange noises – Humming, whining, clunking etc.
  • Fluid leaks – Low fluid can indicate leaks
  • Shaking and grinding – Can indicate worn or damaged gears
  • Burning – Can indicate low fluid causing overheating
  • Gear Slip – May indicate broken or worn gear links

Quality repairs are all part of the process.

Every step we take has an end goal. That goal is always to provide you with the most cost-effective and reliable repair work in Tacoma, no matter what you drive. To that end, we follow specific procedures designed to quickly identify your problem and guarantee our diagnosis.

  • We listen to you during the diagnostic process. You know your vehicle better than anyone. If you heard anything, felt any changes, or believe something triggered your transmission problems, we want to know. This helps us pinpoint the problem faster than diagnostic tools alone.
  • We confirm the problem before suggesting repairs. Your car’s ECM can be a great aid. An error code can provide valuable information. It isn’t always accurate, though. We perform manual diagnostic tests to correctly identify the problem. We don’t waste your time or your money repairing false leads, you shouldn’t either.
  • We can repair your vehicle to like or better than new condition. Our repairs are all performed using high-grade replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications for your vehicle. Our mechanics check other areas that may have been harmed, so you have the option to stop future problems now.

Don’t take any risks when it comes to re-seals, clutches, or fluid flushes.

Transmissions can be expensive to replace, and failing to repair a problem can result in greater trouble down the line. Our expert mechanics work with car, trucks, transportation and industrial vehicles, and more. We’ll perform a thorough and detailed diagnosis before ever beginning work so that you get fast, efficient, and targeted transmission repairs. We only use the highest grade replacement parts that are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications. These provide lasting repairs you can depend on. With a 40 point maintenance inspection, we can identify any other issues your vehicle may suffer from now or in the near future.

Get the transmission repair that Tacoma drivers trust.  Contact Us today for transmission repair in Tacoma.