Tune Ups Lakewood WA

Tune Ups

Having your vehicle professionally tuned is one of the easiest ways to increase performance. If you drive a manual or an older vehicle, tune ups are a necessity for Lakewood, WA drivers. Carbs require manual adjustment and failing to do so can leave your vehicle running too rich or too lean. Our shop is trusted by law enforcement and the local racing community alike, so when you need a tune up have it done right at Total Performance Inc.

Are you getting the best performance from your vehicle?

Receiving a tune up from our ASE certified technicians is a smart move for any driver. Whether you’ve got a foreign or domestic vehicle, vintage or recently purchased, we’ll make sure it’s running smoothly and problem free. There are specific parts that are designed to wear out in your vehicle. A tuneup allows our mechanics to thoroughly inspect them and replace any worn parts that are hurting your fuel economy, torque, and power.

When should I get a tune up?

Classic Cars – Have a car without an electronic ignition tuned up every 10 to 12 thousand miles.
Modern Cars – If you have a modern car follow your manufacturer maintenance schedule. Every 30,000 miles is average.

Benefits of a Tune Up

Regular tuneups can catch problems before they begin and help you avoid costly vehicle repairs. Pairing this with standard vehicle maintenance procedures can help you get the most out of your car.

  • Inspection – We inspect your vehicle’s engine for vacuum leaks and other worn components that may be hurting your performance.
  • Filter Changes – Oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters all need regular changing and can impact mileage and acceleration.
  • Spark Plugs – Ensuring spark plugs are maintained and properly spaced keeps an engine running smoothly on all cylinders.
  • Emissions – An 02 sensor inspection can save you from revisiting an emissions center and improve fuel economy.
  • Systems Test – Testing all integral systems like the emissions, fuel, and ignition keeps your vehicle running when you need it most.

Contact us and get tuned up today.

When you need a tune up, turn to the Lakewood WA shop that does it all. We’re just at home working on a classic truck as a current year sports car. Whether its time according to the manual or you just feel like your performance isn’t what it should be, call or contact us today. The high-quality tune up you’ve been looking for is just around the bend.