Tune Ups Tacoma WA


Tune Ups

It’s amazing what a difference professionally performed tune ups in Tacoma can make for your vehicle. This is doubly true for older vehicles that require manual adjustment of carburetors to provide your engine with an optimal fuel mixture. At Total Performance Inc. we perform tune ups that can improve performance, fuel consumption, and engine longevity.

For tune ups, Tacoma residents turn to us. That’s because our ASE certified technicians and mechanics can tune up any vehicle. Whether foreign or domestic, vintage or brand new, we’ve got the skills, the equipment, and the experience you want in a tune up specialist. Depending on the year of your vehicle, Tacoma tune ups can provide a number of different benefits.

When to get a Tune Up

Classic Cars – Classic cars without electronic ignitions typically require tune ups every 10 to 12 thousand miles.
Modern Cars – For modern cars a tune up can follow the manufacturers maintenance schedule. This often occurs at 30,000 mile intervals.

Benefits of a Tune Up

  • Inspection – We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicles engine, ensuring there are not vacuum leaks or other worn components that may be hurting your performance.
  • Filter Changes – Fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters all need regular changing and can impact acceleration and mileage.
  • Spark Plugs – Ensuring spark plugs aren’t worn and maintain proper spacing keep an engine running smoothly on all cylinders.
  • Emissions – An 02 sensor inspection can save you from revisiting an emissions center and improve fuel economy.
  • Systems Test – Testing all integral systems like the emissions, fuel, and ignition keep your vehicle running when you need it most.

When it comes to tune ups, Tacoma deserves a shop that does it all. We’re just as comfortable working on an antique truck as we are a modern sports car. Whether your owners manual specifies it or your car isn’t performing the way it should, call (253) 471-8905 or contact us for tune ups in Tacoma today.